RV Moving Setup and Gear

At this point I relay enjoy moving. The kids all have responsibility and are helpful most of the time.

  1. When we get to a campsite, Kelly does the check in and picks out the site.  Sometimes we pick out the site together.  Sometimes we drive around after they let us know what is open and sometimes we go back to the office to change the site if we don’t like it.  We like being in the trees and having green grass.  I say green grass because we are in Ohio and it is cold and no green grass at this point. Make sure you look up when you are picking out a site, you don’t want something to fall on your camper.
  2. Take your time when backing into a site.  You don’t have to make it on your first try, don’t hurry. I use Level Mate Pro and Anderson Levelers.  The Level Mate Pro has to be turned on inside the camper and it connects to my phone.  I use it to try to find a level spot when I back up.  If that does not work, Connor (14) will put the Anderson Levelers under one side of the camper and I will roll on them and look at the Level Mate Pro at the same time.  This is nice, because I don’t need any ones help and don’t have to get out the truck to level side to side.
  3. After we are level side by side, I will set the emergency breaks and Austin (12) will put in the x-chocks.  I also have a set of wheel chocks that I use also.  They are the same chocks we would use on aircraft when I was flying.  X-chocks do good, but I have had the camper roll, and it is no fun.  I also go back and double check the x-chocks after Austin puts them in.  At the same time Connor will hook up power, set up the water, and hoop up the hoses for the black and gray tanks.  Connor hooks up the galley tack before the slide comes out so he does not have to craw underneath the slide.
  4. After Connor gets the hoses hooked up, Kelly brings out the slide.  We always have someone outside when the slide goes out to make sure it does not hit anything.  We also bring out the awning if it is not windy.
  5. When Connor is hooking up the hoses and the x-chocks are checked I unhook the truck and level it front and back.  When it is level, Austin puts down the stabilizer jacks.

That is about it on the outside.  It takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  Here is a time laps of the inside.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Slow and Steady Dad

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